Dynamically polarized hydrogen target as a broadband, wavelength-independent thermal neutron spin polarizer


A hydrogen-rich sample with dynamically polarized hydrogen nuclei was tested as a wavelength-independent neutron transmission spin polarizer. The experiment used a modified setup of the dynamic nuclear polarization target station at the GKSS research center. The standard solvent sample at the GKSS DNP station was used. It is 2.8 mm thick and consists of 43.4 wt% water, 54.6 wt% glycerol, and 2 wt% of EHBA-Cr(v) complex. The wavelength of the incident neutrons for the transmission experiment was %=8,1A with Δλ/λ=10%. The polarization of neutron beam after the target sample was analyzed with a supermirror analyzer. A neutron polarization of −52% was achieved at the hydrogen polarization of −69%. Further experiments will test the feasibility of other hydrogen-rich materials, such as methane, as the polarizer. A theoretical calculation shows that a polarized methane target would allow over 95% neutron polarizations with more than 30% transmission.
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