Deposit by friction surfacing and its applications


This work will present the state of the art of deposition by means of the friction surfacing process, the influences of the deposition parameters and some applications of the process. In second part, some results for a study being conducted with deposition of three different consumable rods (materials for ABNT 8620, ABNT 4140, and AISI 310 steel rods) in a substrata of ABNT 1070 carbon steel will be presented, using as deposit parameters a rotational rod speed of 3500 rpm, traverse speeds of 8.5–17 mm/s, and axial pressure of 1.03 and 1.38 MPa. The deposits were characterized by visual analysis, macrograph analysis, micrograph analysis, micro hardness profile, and push-off test. The results so far were considered to be satisfactory, showing that the technique can be employed to repair surfaces of components in high carbon steels and for deposition of similar and dissimilar materials. However, the optimum parameters for the process must still be studied.
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