Corrosion and its Context in Service-Life


This chapter focuses on the impact of electrochemical corrosion on various industrial fields and the state of the art of corrosion modeling at both the process and component scales. Corrosion modeling and the related predictive service life modeling are growing fields in computer-aided engineering. The main issues still remaining are attributed to the high complexity of corrosion predictive models. This chapter introduces the major concerns of the multiscale nature of corrosion processes and the need of many model parameters limiting the ‘validity window’ of simulations. The complexity, variety, and often multi-disciplinarity of corrosion systems are the main obstacles for general applicable corrosion software. Within the simulation and modeling community, the challenges of realizing a well predictive corrosion software tool are known. This type of models has become an essential part of research as shown by recent EU activities and calls. For various industrial sectors, corrosion protection engineering is assisted by simulation tools.
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