Development of a TiCp Reinforced Ni-Based Superalloy MMC, with High Creep Resistance and Reduced Weight


Ni-based superalloys, in both single and polycrystalline varieties, are extensively used in high pressure turbine blades. But contrary to single crystal variants, the polycrystalline forms present easier manufacturing and offer higher potential for improvement in metal matrix composites (MMCs). To benefit from this opportunity, an Inconel X-750 superalloy reinforced with TiC particles is proposed, having a polycrystalline microstructure and the possibility for weight reduction in turbine elements application. The metallic powder with an addition of 15 vol.% of 3.7 μmd TiC particles was prepared through low energy mixing, uniaxial pressing and sintering, followed by a triple heat treatment. The microstructure was analyzed with SEM and XRD techniques. Compressive creep tests were performed at 800 °C with 200 MPa, on both original and reinforced alloys. The study shows how the inclusion of a highly compatible particle reinforcement does not only improves the creep resistance, but also reduces the material weight, thus having potential to promote further reduction in the creep rate on turbine blades submitted to centripetal forces.
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