ECOSMO II hindcast simulations for the North Sea and Baltic Sea (1948-2008)


Regional simulation with the fully coupled physical-biogeochemical model ECOSMO II. Model details and setup specifications are described in Daewel and Schrum (2013). The basis for ECOSMO II is a baroclinic hydrodynamic coupled sea-ice model (Schrum and Backhaus, 1999), which is coupled to a lower trophic level ecosystem NPZD-model. The experiment contains hindcast simulations for the coupled North Sea and Baltic Sea ecosystem for the period 1948-2008 forced by the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis (Kalnay et al., 1996). The spatial resolution is 6’ x 10’ in the horizontal and 20 layers in the vertical. The data-set contains daily averaged data. Data for biological, physical and ice variables are stored in separate files. The 3d model grid is defined in ECOSMOII_NCEP.1948-2008.dm.griddef.000000.nc
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